Flavored Integral Sea Salt

The integral sea salt from the salt pans of Trapani is called "integral" because it has not undergone any process of manufacturing. It is produced in small tanks, and is collected strictly by hand every 48 hours. It is dried under the sun for another 48 hours and then packaged by hand. Sea salt is rich in oligoelements so it’s ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. The sea salt is considered in Biological Medicine an adjunct to their normal diet and a precious remedy for hormone, glandular and nervous imbalances. Just think that, from a chemical point of view, in addition to the sodium and chlorine, magnesium and potassium, important organoleptic substances for our body, it reachs higher values compared to common kitchen salt. Even the iodine present by nature in integral sea salt acts favorably on the thyroid without presenting the dangers of the iodine obtained by chemical processes in other types of salt. In general the integral salt, unlike the refined one , contains and keeps at least 70 of the 84 substances that are present in sea water. This product, that has no need to be valorized , has been used by the Tesauro Sale Srl( LTD) together with other typical products of our land: the Aeolian capers, citrus fruits of Sicily, pepper and herbs of our territory. The result is a new line of products “SAPOR SALIS,” an exaltation of taste, a seasoning that will give an extra touch to your dishes.